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Welcome to nextworldenvoy my LJ comm for people who are fans of the series King of Hell. Feel free to talk about your favorite chars and whatnot so long as it's relevant to the manga. My goal is to spread the love of this manga to as many people as possible since it is not widely known about.

General rules of thumb for a community such as this:

1) Please cut any Spoilers, Quizes and/or images
2) If ranting and profane language is used, please also LJ Cut

Just a couple of small rules =3 Don't know how to LJ Cut? Check out the LJ Cut FAQ by clicking here.

This community is created, run and maintained by Lady Dohwa and is part of the Next World Envoy - Majeh fanshrine. Any and all questions may be directed towards her by emailing her at nextworldenvoy(at)yahoo.com.
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